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I receive 100 pcs of jaco elbows, last december 2014, they sended to wrong address, and I have to look for it.

Then I try to buy the same products on ebay from this company and they refuse to sell me in 2 different occassions, so I report to ebay customer service and today I receive this mail:

you are now blocked from ever buying from us

you wrote

they send it to wrong adress and then refuse to sell me again.

stick your $ 15.00 up your ***. ***.

I just answer if there's a grown up attending customer service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.



customer received Jaco material took extra few days ,

because of wrong address

OEM Surplus911 in Houston, Texas - Very unprofessional

Not resolved

i ask "www.oemsurplus911.com/" a genaral question about a hydraulic pump. The reply with VERY RUD. They told me I was a complete *** s a to try walmart. DON"T USE THEM. This was on 1-16-2012. The name of the person who did this is Mark Jay.

Dymatic, Inc. Our 25Th year

5328 N. Northwest Hwy. Chicago,IL USA 60630

Tel: 773-763-2100 Fax: 773-763-6877


E-Mail: dymatic@yahoo.com

Web: www.oemsurplus911.com


We stand behind # 125 reply

You are a complete *** or just ignorant ?

Let me show you how professional we are.

Looks to us that you can not articulate a question.

You forgot to mention in your question the pump details

The displacement , the rotation , is it gear pump , piston pump ,

R .P. M. , Shaft - spline pitch and type , port sizes, P.S.I , and other relevant information

Now you know some of the question that you need to ask.

Do not want to sell you anything .

Loose or address and get lost for good

Mark jay

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